The Gate Is Open – Don’t let the Trust Out (by Kirk Weisler)

Today I wan to talk about TRUST.

Without boring you to tears with the details… someone took advantage of my son yesterday and took over one of his FaceBook fan pages.  He has gathered a staggering 766,000 likes on it and was just starting to get some advertising offers.  Sadly, we apparently need Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible Team to get help from FaceBook.   Literally there seems to be no way to penetrate Facebooks “we don’t talk to our users firewall”.   HELP REQUEST!!  So if any of you know anyone that can help my Jake get his page back… I would love your help.  Thank you.

Now for the today’s thought… (the picture above was sent in yesterday by Marci..-thanks)  It was just what I needed after a few frustrating hours trying to get my sons page back.  More than that though was the absolute disappointment of being lied to repeatedly and conned by a person who seemingly did it just for the enjoyment of doing it.  I felt like someone had broken into our home and taken something valuable… TRUST.

TRUST — I am blessed in the vast majority of my relationships to enjoy high levels of trust. My wife tells me I am “too trusting”…and perhaps she is right. (She usually is). But for my part I like trusting people, I like leading with trust and I like living in trust.  I am always embarrassed when I do things that
diminish trust.  Things like …forgetting to follow through, return a phone call or e-mail, or even show up late to a meeting. These might seem like little things…but in the world and context of trust…. the little things can be the biggest things of all.

Stephen Covey was once asked how trust might be restored after it was lost or diminished.  His reply was simple and profound.  He said it takes time, and consistency…but the best way he knew to restore and build trust was to “Make a promise and keep it.” It doesn’t matter if the promise was big or small…only that it was kept.  Then after it was kept… a make another one and keep it…. repeat, repeat, repeat.

One of my heroes (a great teacher in my life) said this.. “It is better to be trusted than to be loved”.

I didn’t get it at first…because I was young and thought that being loved and loving others was better was more important than anything.  But the more I thought about it.. the more sense it made.  Love is important… no question about it.  But you can love someone and not trust them… in fact this is very common.   So would you rather be loved and not trusted…or trusted and not loved?

I conclude that for my part … I would rather be trusted.

Trust is a must!!  Make it a great day… and live it like the gate was left open and you are free to build relationships…of trust!

Kirk Out

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