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Carmen Mendez November 26, 2015

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I debated posting this picture but considering that today many of us are gonna be thankful for what we have and are gonna be spending it with those we love, eating very yummy food, I changed my mind. I didn’t know my boyfriend had captured this moment. A couple of day’s ago we went to eat late at night @raisingcanes and as we waited for our order i saw this homeless lady walk in asking people that were throwing away there leftovers if she could have them. Not one person said yes, they all ignored her and threw it away it broke my heart…I have been volunteering with the homeless now for many years… they don’t repulse me or make me sick to my stomach. I hold them all with so much love. So I told Fred if I see her before we are done eating I will give her my food. I looked for her as we were getting ready to leave and couldn’t find her…..I felt sad knowing all the rejection she had that night searching for a warm meal. As I was gonna throw away my one leftover chicken strip and like 5 fries I heard a very quite voice ask me if I had anything left. I turned around and it was her..l gave her my food and watched her sit and eat it…..but something didn’t feel right…I felt like a horrible human being feeding her my leftover chicken strip..she deserved so much more…so I bought her a whole meal..she deserved to eat a hot meal. When I ordered the meal I asked the employee for a huge favor to please do not kick her out as we waited…I could already see the disgust on people’s faces as she sat at the table eating the leftovers I had given her….news flash people not all homeless people smell like roses. She was getting ready to get up and leave when I surprised her with this meal….the look on her face said it all…I have never felt something like this…pure, real gratitude. That hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt….those tears she shed were felt deep in my heart…I held her tight and let her let it out. I wasn’t repulsed by it….I just held her. And that is a moment I will never ever forget. So next time u judge a homeless person think twice…not all of them are homeless because of a drug addiction or because they are lazy.

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Boy invites entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing — and it’s adorable


Michael Clark Jr. is adopted by Dave Eaton and Andrea Melvin as his classmates look on.
Michael Clark Jr. is adopted by Dave Eaton and Andrea Melvin as his classmates look on. (Kent County, Michigan / Facebook)

This boy’s definition of family will warm your heart.

A Michigan kindergartner brought his entire class to witness his adoption hearing Thursday in an adorable courtroom scene marking Kent County’s annual Adoption Day.ADVERTISEMENT

The county’s official Facebook page posted a photo of the young boy, Michael Clark Jr., sitting next to his foster parents as his classmates watched in the back with paper hearts in their hands.

Michael — who was formally adopted by foster parents Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton — was one of 37 children being adopted Thursday in Grand Rapids.

“There is not a dry eye on Judge Patricia Gardner’s courtroom,” Kent County officials wrote in a separate Facebook post.

The hearings were a formal procedure to finalize their adoptions. The court gave each family a 30-minute hearing to celebrate the end of the process, local ABC affiliate WHAS reported.

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Kent County, one of the sponsors of Adoption Day, congratulated the boy with its own social media post.

“It’s adoption day at the courthouse — the BEST day of the year!” the nonprofit wrote. “Congratulations to Michael and his family . . . so cool that his entire class came to support him!”

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Cymbal Player Steals The Show

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Wednesday Quote

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Special Ed Teacher Asks Entire Class To Be In Her Wedding Party

by Hazel13 days ago

A wedding is a ceremony that commits two people to each other. It is typically a celebration centered around love, hope for the future and commitment to one another no matter what happens in life.

Most people who get married want to share this event with the special people in their lives. Including special people in the celebration makes the event memorable.

Special people might play a certain role in the ceremony, such as carrying flowers or reading a passage from a religious text.

Those people might be family members, friends or even coworkers. They are part of the soon-to-be-wed person’s inner circle of loved ones. One teacher works with a group of students who are very close to her heart.

She wanted to make sure that they could celebrate her wedding. She did not want to just choose one or two of her students. Not wanting to leave any of them out, she invited all of her students to join her wedding party and serve as important members of the event. All of the woman’s students were able to be a part of her wedding day.

The girls donned pretty dresses and headbands of white flowers. The boys wore suits. Each child looked adorable. These students are in the teacher’s speech and occupational therapy classes at the Christian Academy school’s Rock Creek campus in Louisville, Kentucky. Each of the students in the class has Down syndrome. However, they are curious, loving and fun children who should not be defined by their disabilities.

The teacher has worked with her students for more than one year and gotten to know each of them well. The students and their parents and guardians were touched by the teacher’s gesture of inclusion. The teacher’s family was also thrilled by the inclusion of the youngsters in the wedding party. They will not forget the fact that the teacher has a kind heart and wanted her students to be able to join in on this beautiful event.

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Autistic boy fails school exams – teacher sends him home with powerful letter that goes viral

Raising a child with learning difficulties isn’t any less rewarding than raising one without them, but it can be said that it’s a great deal tougher.

Whilst parents of children without learning difficulties undoubtedly fret over all the usual things a mother or father does, those parents whose children are born with conditions such as autism have all those concerns and more.

What’s more, in addition to the worries of the parents, the children themselves can sometimes struggle in high-pressure social environments. There is no better example of this than school, where grades play a major role in your progress.

11-year-old Ben Twist lives with autism, and his mom Gail was handed a huge surprise when her son’s school sent a letter home after he failed his SAT tests …

When Gail received a letter from Ben’s school, she would have been forgiven for expecting it to say something about how he needed to work harder or improve his grades. Instead, the letter contained nothing of the sort.

The innovative thinkers at Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College, in St. Helens, Merseyside instead gave Ben a boost of confidence. Despite the fact he’d failed his SAT tests, his teacher recognized that what he needed was support, not condemnation.

The letter

Mrs. Clarkson sent him home with a touching letter that let him know just how skilled he is, and what exactly he brings to the table.

The letter reads:

“Dear Ben,
I am writing you to congratulate you on your attitude and success in completing your end of key stage SATs.

Gil, Lynn, Angela, Steph and Anne have worked so well with you this year and you have made some fabulous progress.

I have written to you and your parents to tell you the results of the tests.
A very important piece of information I want you to understand is that these tests only measure a little bit of you and your abilities. They are important and you have done so well, but Ben Twist is made up of many other skills and talents that we at Lansbury Bridge see and measure in other ways.”

The response

Upon reading the letter, Ben’s mom Gail found herself tearing up.

Mrs. Clarkson’s letter went on to list the things Ben was good at, things that a usual school test can’t measure.

“Other talents you have that these tests do not measure include: -Your artistic talents, your ability to work in a team, your growing independence, your kindness, your ability to express your opinion, your abilities in sports, your ability to make and keep friends, your ability to discuss and evaluate your own progress, your design and building talents, and your musical ability. 
We are so pleased that all of these different talents and abilities make you the special person you are and these are all of the things we measure to reassure us that you are always making progress and continuing to develop as a lovely, bright young man.

Well done Ben, we are very proud of you.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Clarkson”

The world needs more teacher’s like Mrs. Clarkson! It would have been all too easy for her to send a standard letter telling Ben’s mom that he needed to improve or change in some way. She didn’t though, because she realizes that judging a fish on its ability to climb a tree is as pointless as judging a monkey on its ability to swim in deep waters.

We hope that Ben takes his teacher’s words to heart and uses them to remember that his value should never be measured by the results of a school test.

Share this article if you think teacher’s like Mrs. Clarkson deserve widespread praise and recognition!

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Happy the Day before Thanksgiving!!

Workin' It Wednesdays: | Mix and Match Mama
Happy Thanksgiving Don't forget to set your scales back 10 lbs tonight!, Greeting Card Set of 4
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Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone :0)


Eccolo™ Italian Faux Leather Love Your Life Lofty Thinking Journal, Black
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Don’t Forget!!

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Diary of a Father and daughter

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Maverick Austin is at Lake Travis.FollowNovember 13 at 4:09 PM · Austin, TX

Diary of a Father and daughter: So today I got “The Call” …. “

“Dad its weird but think I pooped my pants!” So I rush to school take her a change of undies, put the old ones in a bag and rush back to my conference call and threw the bag in the kitchen trash.

Few hours later she calls and I had to put a very important work meeting I’m hosting on hold which I never do and she says “Dad it happened again”….

I’m confused and very annoyed because I’m super busy… I yell “just wipe your butt better then stuff toilet paper in the back of your pants and I’ll have to call you back in an hour!” and I hang up.

A few minutes later it hits me… omg!!! I rush to the trash to dig out and inspect the undies from earlier and scream “that’s blood not poop!!”

I interrupt my project meeting and explain to my banking colleagues that i’m VERY sorry but I have to go! I’m racing to the school while calling them telling the nurse to “go find my child!”. Speeding and having a panic attack because my child called me for help and I just “left her to die on the battlefield”! 😩

I run in the office and she’s standing there very calm looking at me and says “Dad…. I officially started my first …” and I stopped her and said “I already know Avi… it hit me a few minutes after I hung up on you”😣

The stress of raising a daughter 😩

Later on she says “don’t I get something like when a tooth falls out” 😳

So I snuck off to the store and when she got out of the shower I told her “The Period Fairy” brought you something 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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