Service from a Way Cool Customer (post by Kirk Weisler)

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Here is a short and powerful story that could generate some very worthwhile team discussion….. Way Cool customer service is one thing.. Way Cool Customers… can be another thing all-together.  Enjoy!

Texas Mystery Man’s Anonymous Gesture Astonishes Chick-fil-A Employees, Customers:

‘Everyone Was…Totally Stunned’

An anonymous man stunned employees and customers at a central Texas Chick-fil-A when he pulled up to the drive-thru window and handed over $1,000 to pay for the dozens of vehicles behind him.

“Everyone was like totally stunned,” an employee named Hannah told KRBC-TV.

At about 7 p.m. Monday a man who only identified himself as “John” handed over a stack of $100 bills at the Abilene location.

The act of kindness astonished team leader Duste Wolf who was on duty.

“I asked him, did you win the lottery today?!” Wolf recalled. “He said Mondays are tough and wanted everyone to have a good day.”

“Here is ten $100 bills and I would like to pay everybody else in the line,” Brian LaCrois, the franchise owner, told KRBC. “For the next hour, he bought everyone’s meal.”

According to KRBC, the man’s good deed paid for 88 customer’s orders — leaving some stunned. One lady even started crying upon hearing of the mystery man’s gesture.

“She just had an awful day,” LaCroix said. “We told her the story and she just started crying.”

Management told KRBC that “John” ordered an 8-piece chicken nugget meal with a Dr Pepper. The restaurant said they provided it to him at no cost.

One thought I had after reading this story was…  ”I might be driving through behind the wrong people?”  🙂

Another thought I had was – “Maybe the people behind in the drive through are thinking the same thing.”

The story inspired me to be more considerate to those who come behind by paying forward some form kindness.  Maybe not a $1000 but certainly something.

Kirk Out

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