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Handing Out Resumes (post from John Tesh)

Instead of asking for money – this homeless man handed out resumes – and landed a job!
For 2 years, Frederick Callison has been living on the streets – ending up outside a Smart & Final in Sacramento, California.
That’s where Michael Marteen noticed him, while shopping with his fiancee and two daughters.
Michael was impressed that he wasn’t asking for money – just food and a job. And he also had his food handler’s certificate, Social Security card and ID on hand to show that he was serious about finding work.
So Michael gave him some food and posted Frederick’s picture and resume on his Facebook page. Well, it worked!
Someone came across the post and offered Frederick a job as a cook at a downtown restaurant called Pizza Rocks.
He now has a steady paycheck and is staying with a friend until he can afford a place of his own.
Michael Marteen says: “It’s easy to look at someone and not see anything but a homeless man, but after talking to him I realized he’s so much more than that. He’s a well spoken, cool and friendly guy who knows what he wants and is going after it.”

John Tesh's photo.
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