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If I Lived 100 Days, like I did Today…?(post by Kirk Weisler)


“Who you are today is a collection of your yesterdays.”

I was inspired today when I read how this bit for wisdom was used by a Grandmother to help inspire her grandchildren to consider more carefully how their daily decisions would ultimately determine their destiny.

I remember nearly 2 decades ago when an entrepreneurial friend shared with me one of his daily habits. At the end of each work day, before heading home he would close his office door and take 5 minutes to reflect on the day with this question on his mind. “If my next 100 days were just like today, would my business grow and be better and would I grow and be better?

It seemed to me a great model that anyone might use to create greater accountability for daily activities in relation to desired outcomes.

What are you doing today to become the person you want to be tomorrow?

As for me… my daily declaration will be…. “I will strive to fill my day with attitudes and activities that take me towards my desired outcomes and dreams.”

Make it a great day, for yourself, your workplace, and your world!


Kirk Weisler


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