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Don’t be like “some people” (post from Kirk Weisler)

Well then let’s not be like “some people”.  Instead let’s be like “those people”…. the ones who freely and naturally express their feelings about your value.  They appreciate you, like you, and aren’t waiting for a rainy day or an annual review to let you know.  They lift as they lead and seem to give others what they need.


That’s who and how I want to be…  ”I like you.”  or in everyday work speak…it might sound like… “I just want you to know that you are a big part of why I enjoy coming to work each day.”  or  “Working with you has been a blessing in my life… thanks for the smiles and spirit you bring to our team.”

Make it a great day…but making someone’s day and letting them know you like them.

Kirk & April Out

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