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3 Things You Can Do Today To be A Better Leader (post from Kirk Weisler)

leaders wrote an article that contains 20 ways you can be a better leader at work today.  Here are my top 3 favorites:

Ask personal questions & Start Your Meetings by Sharing Something Personal

One of my greatest challenges as a leader had to do with my introverted personality. I didn’t share enough about myself, my family life, and my aspirations for the team. (I’ve since realized how being hyper-focused and analytical by nature also helped me get promoted and were probably my greatest strengths.) I wish I had tried to understand my team’s personal motivations more and relate on a personal level.  It’s okay to get personal–just not too personal. There’s no need to explain how the dog is sick or how your car is on the fritz. That’s not what I mean. In a meeting, it’s okay to quickly share a few personal tidbits about your kids or a recent vacation. Don’t just jump right into the budget report or the customer wins. Let your employees know more about you and that you exist as a person outside of work. They will know you are human.

Analyze first, then act

It takes time to collect information, and there’s a sense in leadership that you need to move quickly. We are paid to respond and act, not to sit back and wait for someone else to solve problems. Yet I made the mistake of acting before analyzing. In a few cases, I even approved projects, new hires, and direction before getting 100% of the data.

Apologize without hesitation

It took many years for me to realize how saying “I’m sorry” can help. For years, I thought leadership meant insulating myself from my subordinates and hiding any weaknesses. If I made a mistake, I’d pretend it was just a misunderstanding or someone else’s fault. If you fess up quickly, people working for you will respect you more and follow directions.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Kirk Out

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Assist or Resist – Lessons from a Leader (post from Kirk Weisler)

john stockton

John Houston Stockton –  is a retired NBA basketball player who played his entire career for the Utah Jazz in the position of point guard.  He led the NBA nearly every season in a statistic known as “Assists” which defined simply means – he was the last person to touch the ball before the player who actually scored points with it.  Or said another way… he helped his team mates score more than any other player in the entire league helped their team mates score.  To this day his record as the NBA’s all time assist leader stands at 15,806.

15,806 times John Stockton enabled his team mates to take the shot, score the points and look like heroes.  For those reading this who ever watched him play… you know how quietly and remarkably he lead his team, and lived his life.  I loved him.  For more about him… click here.

(To watch the record breaking game and be inspired – watch the video at the end of this post.)

Are you into – Resistance or Assistance?

Resistance says, “Take the day off.” Assistance says, “Go help someone have an easier day.”

Resistance is fueled by fear. Assistance is fueled by love.

Resistance doubts, pouts, whines, and sits on the couch. Assistance gives, shares, encourages, and makes deposits.

Today you will resist or you will assist.

Make the decision to win the resistance and assistance battle and challenge your team to do the same. It will make your environment a lot more productive.

Leadership Begins at Home,  – What is one thing you can do to assist a team member today?

Make a difference today.
(Thank you Ron and son for inspiring today’s T4D)

Kirk out

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