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This woman had no idea that her leftovers would have such an impact on someone else’s life

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Opportunity for Impact (post by Kirk Weisler)


Today’s Thought was first published in The Upper Room and was written by Keith Curran of Virginia…it was first shared with me by Debbie & Fraser Hawkes
in 2004.

On the first day of school, our teacher asked us to form a circle and to close our eyes. If she tapped us on the shoulder, we were to move quietly to the center of the circle. Our teacher explained that the children she chose would be her helpers for the year. They would collect homework, sharpen pencils, clean the chalkboard, and help other students.
I could sense the presence of the teacher as she touched the shoulders of other children. I could hear them moving to the center of the circle. I felt eager, yet I wondered if I was someone she could count on. I wondered if she liked me and if I was worthy.
When the touch came, I opened my eyes and moved to the center of the circle. Then I watched the wisest teacher at the Seventy-ninth Street School as she slowly, lovingly touched every student in the class. We were all worthy of being helpers. She needed us all and loved us all.

You can sense the impact this teacher had on all over her students. We have the opportunity to make the same impact on the people we come in contact with each and every day. It may be a simple smile with a good morning, or afternoon attached. It may be a simple, how are you. You will never know until later what a tremendous impact you will have on some person’s life.
Make the difference, make an impact, ….you can do it!

Kirk Out

Categories: kirk weisler, coffee sugar, exercise 3, yoga class, and walking in the garden. | Tags: , | Leave a comment

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