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Staying Stuck

Nothing is worse than not letting yourself be happy.
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Culture Alive, Intentional Growth (post by Kirk Weisler)


Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. ~ Karen Kaiser Clark

One of my favorite quotes is “Growth is the only evidence of life.”

As if we needed them, study after study shows the critical relationship between both individual health and personal development.  The health is measured generally in the categories of emotional, physical and relationships.  Similar studies on organizational health aka culture, show unsurprisingly similar results.  Organizations that  prioritize personal and team development of their staff not only have physically healthier staff, but also happier, more engaged and productive staff.  The positive cultural outcomes of an intentional leadership focus on developing people is its own reward.

So Let us Choose a Healthy Culture by Choosing Wisely by Choosing Growth.


Q4C2 ~ Questions 4 Cultural Consideration

How can I choose wisely, grow more intentionally and inspire others to do the same?

Kirk Out (

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Who Ate the Cake? – Little Things Add Up (post from Kirk Weisler)

When I was a kid I used to think I could sneak a piece of cake without my Mom knowing. My strategy was to cut a paper-thin slice…. too little to notice.  The problem was that trying to eat a really thin slice of my Mom’s cake is like trying to eat one potatoes chip. So I would go back for “just one more”. As you might imagine soon half the cake was gone…and mysteriously “Mom could tell”.

I thought then that she has special Mom powers …but talking with her now and looking back … I realize how obvious my actions were, how self-deceived
I was… and how easy it was for Mom to catch me in nearly all of my foolish child hood foibles.

Little things do add up… a little less exercise (or none)… getting casual about what you eat for a day…or week, or month or year, or more…can really add up. You may not see it right away or even notice you are buying bigger sizes…and then one day your vision clears and you ask yourself …How did this happen?

Even less obvious and perhaps even harder to detect in ourselves is the cumulative effect of not reading, not learning, growing, and becoming. We just end up feeling over looked, undervalued, stagnant, not qualified for that next position, promotion or opportunity. If we are lucky/wise we might wake up at this point and take ownership for it…and get going and growing. If we are unwise we might choose to play victim and blame something or someone outside of ourselves for our circumstances…carefully denying that we had any indication that we are responsible.

Wonderfully if we look at how little things can add up in a positive context we see a whole new world of opportunity.

When I was growing up Mom would line us up against the doorway a couple of times a year, place a book on our heads and make a mark in the doorway denoting our height.  I remember it was both exciting and surprising to see how much we had grown since the last mark.  I also remember that Mom was also surprised to see how much we had grown.  Now Rebecca and I do this same thing with our own children…and our just as surprised at how much they have grown – right before our eyes…  When the growth is closest to you…or part of you it can be the hardest to perceive…yet it is undeniably happening.

We can see it in others easier than we can see it in ourselves.  That’s why it’s important to let people around you know when you see them grow.

So we must stay on the grow!  A little slice of growth each day… knowing and trusting that it will add up to a better self.   If we start eating healthier right now, exercising 20 minutes a day (starting today by taking a walk during lunch), reading a chapter of an inspiring book or needful technical manual… reading to our kids, or taking them on our walk for a walk-ie talk-ie… .  Then we repeat these small by healthy patterns each day.  In so doing we can build traditions/habits into our lives that cause our strengths to grow instead of diminishing like the cake.

We may also find that our small but deliberate examples influences and inspires others to do like wise.

I may have been obvious in my trying to sneak cake… but I’m pretty sure to this day.. that my Mom and all Moms have super powers of discernment and an extra
set of eyes!!

The fun film above was made by my oldest son Jake who entered a contest where you had 24 hours to come up with a storyline, shoot, edit and submit a 4
minute film on the theme of “One is never enough”.  You can see that it was inspired by true events.  You can also see that what comes around goes around.   You can also see all of Jake’s work at his Visler Studios Youtube Channel  I know he would love to have some more subscribers.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Kirk out

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