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Not Adding Up? Start Subtracting (post by Kirk Weisler)

Don’t let someone or something waste your time… because your time is your life.

Have you ever killed a day just surfing online… then tried to justify by saying you deserved a day to yourself to just kick back.  But really you knew you would have been much happier and healthier if you had invested that day in living, learning, and doing something that stretched you?  Or perhaps you were so busy, so caught up in being busy that you weren’t able to be present when it mattered.  Physically your body was there but part of your mind racing ahead to the next thing, while another part was regretting the just past thing that you know didn’t go as well as it could have …had you not been stretched so thin.

Sometimes the very best thing we can give to ourselves and to others is NO.  Just say NO.  Less really can be more… and more really can add up to being less.

Fewer distractions …more focus, more meaning, more connection… more depth.

I remember a family member trying to organize a week in England for me and Rebecca.  I have just finished a conference there and we had arranged to remain in the UK for another 8 days to “see the sights” and do stuff.   My well-intentioned in-law had it all arranged…we could see everything… The Tower, The Guard, The crown jewells… and on and on.  It was a whirlwind tour….but the more I looked at the schedule the more I kept thinking it seemed more like a drive by shooting that would leave us dead or at least wounded and wondering what has happened.

As graciously as we could… I thanked them for their suggestions and willingness to be helpful… and declined.  We borrowed a car, took a quick driving lesson around the block… and then drove into the country without a map or GPS.   We stopped when it looked interesting… or when we felt to stop.  We found a very small town “Snowshill” pronounced by the locals as “Snozzel”.  There was one Bed & Breakfast, one church and one Pub.  There we stopped, we stayed and we connected with our hosts, the locals at the pub, with the country, and with each other.

That was nearly 10 years ago and we still talk about that trip, that town and the wonderful people we met there.  Be subtracting …. we added.

What can you subtract to help things add up…and add more meaning in your life?


Categories: kirk weisler, coffee sugar, exercise 3, yoga class, and walking in the garden. | Tags: , , , , | Leave a comment

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