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Do Unto Others

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These dads have changed the lives of their kids

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Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Comes Home, Finds House Different

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by: Frank Somerville KTVU

Do you remember that 16 year–old boy from Florida who was so desperate to get adopted out of foster care, that he actually stood up in front of a church congregation and asked if anyone would be willing to adopt him.

He said:
“I’ll take anyone.
Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple.”

His name was Davion Only.
And the Tampa Bay Times just did a really nice piece on him.

After a very long road, it appears he’s finally found a family that he can really call his own.
And guess who’s adopting him?
His caseworker.
A woman who has known him since he was 7.

The adoption will become official on April 22.
And these are pictures of Davion with his new family.
He looks so happy.

More on all of that in a moment.
But first it’s interesting how he got there.

After talking to the church congregation, thousands of people called the adoption agency asking about adopting Davion.

He eventually flew to Ohio to live with a minister and his family.
But he got into a fight with one of their kids and after three months they decided they didn’t want Davion.

They sent him back to Florida and he went back into foster care.
Four different homes and four different schools over the course of a year.
Davion was broken teenager.

But then a miracle.
He called his caseworker Connie Bell Going on the phone.

Davion said:
“Do you remember what I asked you before? I mean about . . .”

He then took a deep breath and said:
“Well, how do you feel about adopting me now?”

Connie already had three kids.
But she said yes.
And Davion moved in with them last August.

For the first time he had his own room.
For the first time he had his own walls where he hang pictures.
He also had a queen-sized bed.
No more trying to curl up into a single bed.

Just before Christmas Davion told his new mom:
“I guess I always thought of you as my mom.
Only now I get to call you that for real, right?”

He sure does.
In fact Connie says:
“I always thought he was a quiet kid, (but) in a two-hour period today, he called, ‘Mom!’ 45 times.”

The adjustment hasn’t all been perfect.
There have been some problems that they’re working through.
On the other hand, Davion is taking online classes and has a 3.1 GPA.
He’s also hoping to get a job and start boxing.

But here’s what I really think is cool.
This is what Connie said when she was still trying to find a family for Davion.

“I want him to be with a family that commits to him forever.
(I want him to know) that he is truly loved and that (they) are never going to give up on him no matter what.
And that he doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Who would have thought that in the end, that “family” would be Connie.

And now Davion can call her mom all he wants.
Because that’s what she is.
His mom.
Today, tomorrow and forever.

Story courtesy Lane DeGregory/Tampa Bay Times
Pictures courtesy Cherie Diez?Tampa Bay Times

And here’s a link to the story.
It’s a great read.…/finally-a-family-for-davi…/2225047

daviondavion 2 davion 3

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