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“Response-Abilty” (from Kirk Weisler)

In response to last week’s post “Responsibility & Meaning of Life” came this response from Wendy.

 I look at the kids coming out of school right now (ages 18-24) and wonder what happened to teaching accountability… I hate to see our workplace in 10-15 years with the lack of accountability that they have – they are just in a “I don’t care” attitude all the time, it’s heart breaking some days. They don’t get that their performance, attitude, taking care of their customer – all equals their pay check. Their attitude is “oh well, if you fire me I will just go somewhere else and be mediocre there”

While I personally see these attitudes and attributes in a much wider demographic than ages 18-24… I share her concern with the future of any society that doesn’t succeed in teaching accountability(and living it).

So the question before us is this – “What is the best way to teach personal responsibility?

Daniel Burns from Australia posted a comment on Kirk’s FB page that led him to his FB page …and to this photo.  It was cool enough and true enough that I was hoping that it might serve as an expression of thanks from me to you

We were created to be loved.  Things were created to be used.  The reason why the world is in chaos is that things are being loved and people are being used.

So let nothing or NO-thing create chaos in your life.  Do what you were created to do… love and lead…and lead with love.

Kirk out

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