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Vacationing is good…but we should…(post by Kirk Weisler)


Vacationing is good…but we shouldn’t take a vacation from learning.

A couple of things learning from this vacation.

We are enjoying our time in Fort Lauderdale as a family.  Rebecca and I have both remarked that having 6 of us packed into a typical sized hotel room with a couple of queen sized beds feels a bit like a sleep over.  She says she loves having all of her kids in the same room.  The younger girls love it too.  It has reinforced our desire to downsize our home and further simplify our lives.  A bigger home does not a closer family make.

Learning number 2 – No matter how early you get up to go walking – there seems to be people who are already there enjoying the peace and tranquility of a quiet walk on the beach.  Lot’s of people even older than me… walking, even faster than me.  I imagine all they could teach me about life as I consider all they have experienced…. I consider asking a few of them but don’t.  Still it’s fun to imagine.

3) The picture above represents most of the books and magazines that made it into our travel bags.

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography – Recommended by daughter Brittany who did not make it on this trip (college and stuff)

The China Study – The most comprehensive study on health and nutrition ever conducted. (It basically dismantles our Western style diets, eating patterns and health institutions)  It’s a real wake up call for anyone who really wants to live a cancer free life and more.  Highly recommended reading.

Delivering Happiness – The story of Zappos told by Tony… excellent!  A culture building classic.

Quiet – The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain – My wife loves this book and I get to read it next.  Are you an introvert?  The world is run by them.

Find Something to Do – A book of no prop team builders and activities…by my friend Jim Cain (no relation to Susan)

Fit for Life – my wife reads and re-reads this book

The Original Kindle – lots of titles on it…but daughter Brooklyn is reading the e-book version of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  Tech over turning pages.

We actually brought 4 copies of Ender’s Game – we are reading it as a family.  Great book.

And a few others….about marriage, juicing, storytelling, and life.  All good.  All to keep us in a state of becoming.  One thing we never want to take a vacation from is learning!

live as you would

Kirk Out


Categories: kirk weisler, coffee sugar, exercise 3, yoga class, and walking in the garden. | Tags: , , | Leave a comment

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