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When it comes to world history, taking a trip down memory lane is never a bad idea. There are a number of significant events in the past that helped shape the present world we are living. Thanks to the photos that have stood the test of time, we are given a clearer picture of what took place years, decades, and even centuries ago. 

Infants sleep in the open air at a maternity hospital in Moscow, 1958

Don’t mind this vintage photo, it’s just three rows of newborns taking a nap outside in the freezing weather. Seriously speaking though, the practice of having children sleep in the cold weather was a normal routine in Russia. Apparently, it stems from an odd tradition. 
If this happened in other countries, the babies would be snatched away from their parents in a heartbeat. However for the Russians, they believe this is the best way to prepare the little ones for the country’s harsh conditions. Before putting the children in minus 10 degree Celsius weather for a nap, Russian mothers would dress them in a hat and stockings. 

Albert Einstein wears a pair of fuzzy slippers, 1950s

It doesn’t take a genius to be stylish as this genius effortlessly did so in the ’50s. Albert Einstein sure didn’t want to waste time and brainpower choosing his outfit of the day, but his footwear choice makes us wonder if he spent some of his precious minutes and energy to wear it. 
As this fluffy fair gives us a sense of comfort, we hope it also helped calm his mind and focus on more important things such as the theory of relativity and the meaning of life. 

A steelworker hangs out at the future Empire State Building, 1930

This rare photo makes us want to give a salute to two people. The first one is for this steelworker, and the second one is for the photographer. Such brave souls! They were doing the dangerous job not everyone could— especially for those who had fear of heights. How do the people behind the lens even capture photos like this? For photographer Lewis Hine, he was just doing his job to document the construction of the Empire State Building. He had to be creative as the construction got higher though, so he stood in a designed basket that swung out 1,000 feet above Fifth Avenue. Without the steelworkers, the iconic skyscraper would not exist at all and without the photographers, we wouldn’t be able to honor these people.

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