Not Until We Own It First (post by Kirk Weisler)

My wife shared this with me over the weekend, and I have been considering it ever since.

She loved it because she sad it reminded her that she didn’t need to always be positive or happy and that nothing is wrong with having a bad or sad day.  Pretending it away is not only ineffective but intellectually and spiritually dishonest and that means it’s most likely damaging as well.

On the other hand if we do as Carolina Zacaria suggests and acknowledge, embrace and “OWN” our down/bad days, moments, experiences etc. and spend some time with them then precisely because we have chosen to own it, we can now, with authority and confidence, choose to disown it and let it go.

I love it and believe that  it invites us all to consider how this principle might be more fully embraced and lived in our own lives.

You can’t sell it or give it away, if it’s not truly yours in the first place.  And it’s not truly yours in the first place until you own it.

Let’s Own It!

Kirk Out…

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