That hug she gave me (post by Frank Somerville KTVU)

“That hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt….
I wasn’t repulsed by her….I just held her.
And that is a moment I will never ever forget. “

That’s what Carmen Mendez said about a homeless woman she met at a restaurant.
The woman was hungry.
But Carmen says everyone was ignoring her.
Like she was invisible.

Carmen wrote about what happened on Instagram.
And she explained what led up to this hug.
It’s a really touching story.
Here’s what Carmen posted:

As we waited for our order i saw this homeless lady walk in and ask people who were throwing away their leftovers if she could have them.

Not one person said yes, they all ignored her and threw it away.
It broke my heart…

So I told (my boyfriend) if I see her before we are done eating I will give her my food.

I looked for her as we were getting ready to leave and couldn’t find her…..

I felt sad knowing all the rejection she had that night searching for a warm meal.

As I was gonna throw away my one leftover chicken strip and like 5 fries, I heard a very quite voice ask me if I had anything left.

I turned around and it was her..
l gave her my food and watched her sit and eat it…..
But something didn’t feel right…

I felt horrible feeding her my leftover chicken strip..
So I bought her a whole meal..
She deserved to eat a hot meal.

When I ordered the meal I asked the employee to please do not kick her out as we waited…

I could already see the disgust on people’s faces as she sat at the table eating the leftovers I had given her….
News flash people not all homeless people smell like roses.

She was getting ready to get up and leave when I surprised her with this meal….

The look on her face said it all…
I have never felt something like this…
Pure, real gratitude.
That hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt….
Those tears she shed were felt deep in my heart…
I held her tight and let her let it out.
I wasn’t repulsed by it….
I just held her.

And that is a moment I will never ever forget.

So next time u judge a homeless person think twice…
Not all of them are homeless because of a drug addiction or because they are lazy.

Carmen Mendez

I always wonder what it’s like to be homeless.
To have people walk right by you like you’re invisible.

I try to at least make eye contact and smile.
But there have been times when I’ve also walked by them like they weren’t even there.

I don’t have all the answers.
But I’ve heard about people who carry around gift cards from McDonalds or Subway and give them out to the homeless.

I think that’s something I’m going to try.

Frank Somerville KTVU's photo.
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