7 warning signs of a person you need to avoid (post by Zig Ziglar)


“Pay no attention to toxic words. What people say is often a reflection of themselves, not you.”

There are certain people in our workplace that we know we would rather avoid than confront, text rather than call, and minimize the amount of time required to spend with them. When we get feelings like these around certain people, we know they have the potential to affect us in a negative way.

And here’s the thing: you typically aren’t the only one who feels the same way about this person. Chances are, many people are repelled by what this person says or what he or she does.

In order to effectively avoid people like this, listen to the messages they send. By following these seven general guidelines for reading people, you’ll find out who you need to avoid in order to stay focused and unwavering in reaching your goals.

1. They complain about everything

Nothing can ever be good enough for this person. Even if they are having the best day possible, they will find something to whine about. People like these are very draining of your time and energy. If they can’t find contentment in anything, they bring down the mood of those around them.

2. They judge

Not to say there is anything wrong with passing judgments. All people do it every day, if not hourly. We make judgments in order to make decisions in our lives. However, when we make judgments based on something we don’t know much about, this is where we cross the line. Judgmental people do this all the time. They arrive at conclusions without knowing the facts.

3. They don’t listen

People who don’t listen demonstrate that they have no respect for anyone around them. These are the type of people whose minds you can see churning at rapid rates while you are trying to tell them something. If they are thinking while you are talking, then they aren’t listening to you. The only thing on their minds is themselves

4. They’re critical

The word criticism usually connotes some sort of attack, or expressing disapproval of someone or something. However, constructive criticism is intended for improving others. If someone you know is constantly critical, they aren’t trying to improve others. They are trying to put others down in order to boost themselves up.

5. They feel sorry for themselves

These people tend to blame others for their own problems. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific person, but it can be “the system,” leadership issues, not having enough time, etc. They are always painting themselves as the victim rather than trying to be proactive with their own actions.

6. They don’t keep secrets

Steer clear of people who don’t keep secrets. You won’t be able to trust them or confide in them. If you aren’t close friends with someone and they are volunteering gossip or secrets about other people, it is a red flag that the person is disingenuous on how they view friendships with other people.

7. They’re hypocritical

You can frequently catch this person saying one thing and doing the other. The main takeaway from this person is that they see themselves on too high of a platform over everyone else. They feel entitled and superior that they don’t have to abide by mainstream rules or ethics, but are quick to single out anyone else who falls short.

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